Meet The Maker

Initially inspired by having my first baby (named Ellie, of course), I soon realized there are only so many things I can sew for one tiny human. Hello, Ellie opened in 2015 and I've been sharing my creations ever since.

With having a girl I've found that everything is either doused in glitter, has a giant applique flower glued to it, or is hidden under 10 layers of ruffles. And the should be a written rule that the bow on the headband should not be larger than the baby's actual head. It's my goal to create modern, practical items that are still adorable, so that when your kids look back at pictures of themselves once they're adults, they won't say "Mom, what were you thinking dressing me in that?"

My shop features functional clothes + accessories that are meant for everyday use and are machine washable. These pieces are meant to be lived in; that means, running, jumping, crawling, spitting up on, napping in....whatever your kid does best! I offer classic essentials you'll need, but add a modern twist to make them fun to wear everyday.

I'm proud to offer exclusively handmade pieces. If I didn't sew it myself, then one of my talented seamstresses did. I work with a small group of local ladies, who are perfectionists when it comes to making these tiny clothes, but also juggle the full time gig that is motherhood. Your purchase directly supports our little team.

I hope you enjoy these creations of mine as much as I enjoy making them!

- Kayla